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Amalia Ruocco

Amalia Ruocco, Francesco Bocchi, Laura Bruni


Federico Faggioni
created with the young participants in the theater workshops of

municipality of Mirandola (Mo)
COSTUMES PaZo Teatro, Daniele De Blasis SCENOGRAPHY

PaZo Teatro, Antonio Santangelo,
With the kind contribution of Dino Serra
PUPPET Giorgia Goldoni
MUSIC Enrico Pasini

Amalia Ruocco, Marco Cupellari PRODUCTION PaZo Teatro, Spazio Elle
thanks to Zaches Teatro

for supporting creation

Show Created with the Support of 

the Emilia Romagna Region 

We are in Torlindao, a sunny and peaceful village, whose days pass placidly, punctuated by the radio newspapers in the morning and in the evening, one after the other, all the same... until, one fine day, the arrival in the city of a mysterious and charming Smoke Man is announced. This character, cryptic e symbolic, conquers quickly and without any particular reason the fame, glory and celebrity coveted by many, only to be discredited and condemned with equal senselessness.

Our research focused on those who are indicated in the text as "Some Citizen Personalities", representative figures of main social powers, which we have summarized in four profiles: the Philosopher, the Painter, the Banker and the Priest. These become the "Specials", grotesque characters who seem to make sense only by virtue of the role and prestige acquired within the system.

The show draws a symbolic and very topical story, which questions the relationship with the "Different", the perception of the self within the Community and the role ofmass media in our society.

3 actors for 7 characters, in a work that mixes physical theatre, dance, circus and puppetry, creating a world

surreal, funny, dynamic and intense.

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